Creative gifts from my father, part 2 …

Detail, detail, attention to detail! From my parents I got the proverbial “double-whammy” when it comes to the nature and nurture of attention to detail. My mother, an accountant by training, has an eye for numbers, patterns, and organization. My father, as you will see in these next few examples, had an incredible eye for visual detail and the ability to render just about anything…

Among my father’s possessions, I have found a small, zippered portfolio case. There was not much in it, but the items that are there provide a remarkable glimpse into the education and training that was expected of architecture students of earlier times. Would I be safe to assume that architecture students of today are not required to render this well?






Interestingly (and speaking from one who has graded many student research papers!) his writing was not exceptional in this paper, yet he covered all the important historical bases.  I would have given him the same grade, I think!  [Wry smile.]


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  1. Sharon Pfau says:

    Just wonderful, you are so lucky to have the drawings. My dad died when I was 7, I have his plate he took to school each day for lunch and a few photos. Your talents are surely from your parents!!!

  2. Tom Davis says:

    Yes, Tom and I often “compared notes” over how much we both were required to sketch from Sir Bannister Fletcher. If today’s arch. students even recognized that name, I’d be surprised. “Pencil” might even be foreign to them…

    • Anita Mills says:

      Tom, I think that Fletcher’s book may be among the ones I brought home from Dad’s library. I’ll have to look to confirm. They don’t make texts like that one anymore… or it’s all online. Yes, “pencil” is probably as foreign as “slide rule.” ; )

  3. Impressive artwork!! It would be interesting to know if architecture students are now required to do work of this nature, hand drawn with all the technology of today! Quite obvious between your mom and dad where your talents came from!!

    • Anita Mills says:

      Kathryn, hi! Elaborate, please… jealous? Surely you had some talented folks in your family, too. Look at how YOU turned out!!! For those who are curious, Kathryn is a painter, illustrator, graphic designer, animator extraordinaire.
      I hope you’re having a great holiday…

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