New from my workbench, earrings…

Last time, I put forth a few samples of new brooches and necklaces. The past few days, I’ve been in “earring mode.” For me, making earrings is kind of like meditating. My joy in making them is in choosing interesting combinations from among the thousands of options that my materials present. I get into a groove, and I hardly note the passage of time. However, sometimes the “groove,” turns into a “rut.”

This time, I gave myself a challenge:  throw a bunch of stuff out on the bench and try to make earrings from it that are “fresh.” Fresh for me. By limiting my choices to the materials on the table before me—instead of giving myself the option to search through my many, many boxes of beads and findings—I tried to shake myself out of my familiar tree. Maybe they are still too similar to ones that have gone before. Maybe they are “refreshed” designs. Whichever the case, my daughter, Helen tells me, “They are still ‘you-ish!'” Here are some samples from among the 3-4 dozen I’ve made on this jag:



















That’s all for now. Thanks for having a look!  I’m off with my family on a search and capture mission for new ideas and images—otherwise known as Spring Break in California. See you on the flip-side, dudes and dudettes!  :)


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