New from my workbench…

“New from the workbench” actually means “new since November 2013.” These jewelry pieces date from before my TKR (total knee replacement in mid-January) and very recently… the last 10 days!  Yes, that’s why you haven’t heard much from me lately. I’ve been spending a great deal of time just icing my knee and bending it. Oh, joy!

I hope you’ll enjoy seeing these sets of earrings and necklaces—I am continuing my explorations of working with recycled “tins,” “dimpling” the metals, and riveting things together. (Some of these metals are from “tins”—you know, like the ones you receive at holidays with candy, fruit and nuts—but who knows what their metal content really is these days. I assume it’s aluminum with other things added.)


Dimpled “tin” with flywheel and sterling silver rivets.


Earrings with “tin,” wooden beads, sterling silver bead and wire.


Necklace of repurposed vintage buttons, tin, brass eyelets, leather cord, and magnetic closure.


Earrings, distressed and dimpled “tin,” copper stampings, aluminum rivets.


Necklace with copper, dimpled “tin,” leather cord, sterling silver.


Earrings with dimpled “tin,” pewter gears, wooden beads, brass eyelets, stainless steel earwires.


             Necklace with brass, dimpled “tin,” pewter gear, aluminum and copper rivets, leather cord,                  sterling silver clasp.

And, a variation on the theme from above:


Necklace with brass, dimpled “tin,” copper gear, brass rivet, black leather cord, bronze clasp.

And, finally… here’s a necklace that’s reversible!



Red side!


Black side!

What a pleasure it has been to be back at my bench. Many of the pieces above have their basic inspiration from a set of paper jewelry maquettes I made some time ago. You can see them here and here. Though I haven’t fully realized the complexity of those maquette designs yet, I’m heading in that direction and I hope to do so in the coming months.

Cheers! And thanks for dropping in to see this work.


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