Recent Brooches…

During last year’s Open Studio Tour, a visitor to my studio inquired, “Do you ever make brooches?” As I’ve shown in my posts, Monuments to the Plastic Age, I have made many brooches over the years. This visitor’s query inspired me to make a bunch of brooches for this year’s Open Studio. I feel these differ from my past efforts, not only in materials, but in their “feel.” For these I’ve used wood, acrylic, vintage buttons, and cabochons of all kinds. I made these “under the influence” many of my favorite designers and studio jewelry pioneers, as well as contemporary jewelers from here and abroad. To see an overview of each artist’s work, I suggest a “googe images” approach for: Anni Albers, Margaret de Patta, Liv Blavarp, Louise Nevelson, Harry Bertoia, Reino Saastamoinen, Alexander Calder, and of course, my all time most influential muse, Lee Bontecou. Enjoy!

Wood, Bone, Gold Brooch, ©Anita Mills, 2011

Vintage Black Button Brooch, ©Anita Mills, 2011

Copperish Disk Brooch, ©Anita Mills, 2011

Green Ceramic Shard Brooch, ©Anita Mills, 2011

Rose & Pink Shard Brooch, ©Anita Mills, 2011

Wood & Lapis Lazuli Brooch, ©Anita Mills, 2011

Black and Blue Shard Brooch, ©Anita Mills, 2011

I could go on and on and on… but, I won’t!

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  1. These are beautiful Anita. I particularly love the one with the green ceramic shard. I should think they’ll prove to be most enticing to visitors on the studio tour weekend. Fingers crossed for a good two days of sales! (-:

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